eCommerce / Online Shopping

eCommerce has widened the scope for almost every business around the globe. It has never been easier to communicate with, and supply customers in your chosen market. No matter if you are an established retail outfit or if you’re just starting out, Rite Solutions has an eCommerce solution to suit your needs.

From simple brochure sites to database driven, data-capture and online credit card verification solutions, we can help you. We aim to cater to all of our clients’ needs and give our clients access to all that the web can offer their businesses.

What you get

Our solutions can include stock control, different ordering processes, search marketing solutions, voucher/gift systems and many more features.

Our basic eCommerce solutions deliver many features including:

  • Manage products within your database quickly (i.e, add/edit/remove/disable/re-order)
  • Update product images in an instant
  • Monitor product stock levels
  • Retrieve orders securely
  • Save and interrogate orders for statistical and accounting purposes
  • Manage customer accounts, automatically notify customers when orders are dispatched, etc…
  • Obtain and store customer data for future marketing purposes

Modular CMS

Our CMS’ are built in a modular fashion! What is a module? Take a look at the list of eCommerce modules below to get an idea of what we mean:

  • product management systems so you can display all of your products on your website
  • order systems with online credit/debit card payment systems so you can take orders online
  • stock control systems so you can stay in control of your offline world
  • website search engine systems so you can offer your visitors an accurate method of finding what they want
  • gift voucher systems so you can sell and cash your own website gift vouchers
  • customer systems so you can view their details, order history and more…
  • delivery systems so you can offer different delivery options to your customers depending on the particular product in question
  • giftwrapping systems so you can give your customers the opportunity to send their gift straight to the recipient all wrapped up with a card
  • feedback systems so you can see what your customers think of your individual products and your overall service
  • currency systems so your visitors can see how much your product would cost locally
  • discount systems so you can send offer codes in email campaigns that will allow the visitors a percentage off their total bill
  • recommendation systems so that your visitors can spread the word for you
  • search marketing systems so you can see exactly how people are using your site and what your most popular products/pages are

What does that mean for you? Well… you can add, remove or edit the modules connected to your site without affecting the rest of your web presence. In essence the modular bolt-ons will mean lower future development costs and minimal disruption when it comes time to improving your site.

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