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The Process

Our Process

There are numerous steps in the website design and development process but most projects follow a similar path.

Initial information gathering and research, designing your solution, the building process and maintenance to keep your website fresh and relevant.

Information Gathering and Research

This is where we try to find out about your company and your ideas. If we have a good understanding of what you’re all about it will allow us to develop a website that really hits the spot. We’re quite talkative so we’ll probably ask you loads of questions!

We will want to know the purpose of your site, your goals, your audience and their demographics, the content you expect to have on your website and more.


From the information we have gathered we’ll create a plan for your website which can include a webmap and a functional specification.

A webmap details the layout of your complete website including links, nesting and so on. The creation of this document will allow you to see how your customers will navigate your website. It also will help in determining what type of navigation you should use across the solution.

The functional specification details the exact workings of the site on each and every page including which technologies should be implemented. This document expidites the web development process and gives you a clear indication of what to expect from your finished website.


This is the first time that you get to see what your site will look like.

Taking your target audience into careful consideration we will create a few different design routes for your website. If you already have a brand and logo we will use these, otherwise we can advise you on creating a fresh brand/logo for your new web solution.

When your designs are complete we will place them online for you to view in situation. After talking you through the designs we’ll ask you to take a look in your own time and think carefully about what each design does for your business. Communication at this point is crucial so we will work together until we reach a final design for your website.


We will bring your designs to life here using various web technologies.

We will provide you with updates on your project at this stage whilst we’re working away. We will create your forms, animations, javascript interactivity and add all of the content, usually from the homepage forwards. Once we have a site that is near completion, we will show it to you for your feedback and suggestions. When we’re happy and finished, your site will need testing!

Testing and Delivery

All the creases will be ironed out at this stage.

Your website will be tested in a variety of browsers to test the functionality and to ensure a consistent visitor experience. Once both you and we are happy with the website, we will upload it to your webspace. We will test it again when it’s on your server and when we’re happy that everything is ok, your site will “go-live” and be publicly accessible for the first time.


Great, you have a website now! However, if you’re looking to keep people entertained when looking at your website you need to keep your content fresh. With most of our solutions you will be provided with a content management system, (CMS) so that you can update your content as often as you like and without cost. If you’re lucky to be too busy to update your website, we can maintain it for you. It’s completely up to you how much control you want or need over your site. If you ever become unstuck – we’ll be here to help.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now and let’s get your project started.