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Bespoke Build

Bespoke Build Systems

So you need something specific? If you have a brief outside the scope of our specially developed content management system (CMS), we can quote for bespoke work.

We have produced full flash solutions for clients including a fully featured administration backend, blogs, brochure sites, social networking sites, asset management sites, property sites, quoting and pricing systems and more.

All of which incorporated a fully functional administration area to permit full authoring of the various solutions.

If you are looking for a unique solution that our content management system (CMS) cannot cater for, then you will need to consider going bespoke. If you choose this option, we have the freedom to design, build and code the website exactly as you want it and exactly as the major search engines want it.

Our bespoke solutions deliver many features including:

  • Built with search engines in mind
  • Built specifically for your target audience
  • Built from scratch
  • Built with download speed in mind
  • Built with appropriate navigation
  • Built with site statistics installed

Bespoke System Examples

Sometimes the only route available to you is for a bespoke solution. We have done this many times in the past for clients and it all depends on exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Media :: develop full flash solutions with administration backends
  • Media :: develop flash plugins with tie-ins to the customer’s main site
  • Sales & Services :: online and offline pricing systems to allow onsite quotation
  • Sales & Services :: online and offline portfolio systems to assist onsite sales
  • Sales & Services :: online and offline offer systems to assist onsite sales
  • Corporate :: online asset management systems to assist brand management
  • Sales & Services :: flash brochure sites

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