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Felluka needed a way to introduce one-off pieces of eastern jewellery to a western audience and we built a website that facilitated just that.


Felluka sells silver jewellery inspired by eastern, arabic influences to a western market. Most pieces are one-offs and are sourced from Egyptian designers who hand craft each item. 


Felluka required a site that oozed creativity, had style and carried an eastern influence. This was a project that was totally led by design and as such, the jewellery should be the main focus of the site. 


The website is very easy to navigate, is clearly branded and engaging using different features on the home page and product pages to retain customer attention. The logo is a mixture of both Arabic and English and is understandable in both languages, further cementing the mix of east and west throughout the site. The images are definitely the key player across the site, featuring prominently on all pages as a reminder of the quality that comes with a one-off piece of jewellery. 

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