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Tracy & David

Web Design & Development

Tracy and David wanted a simple site to keep their wedding guests up to date and allow online RSVPs whilst staying with the chosen colours and themes.

Tracy and Davids' Website Screenshot


We were asked to create this site for a couple who were getting married.


The couple wanted three things from the website…

  1. it to stay with the chosen colours and themes of the wedding
  2. it to remove the fuss when keeping everyone involved in the wedding up to date
  3. it to remove the headache of having to receive lots of RSVPs and sort out replies


The site contains all of the information needed by guests such as directions to the church, directions to the reception venue, downloadable PDF’s and photos. It also facilitates online RSVPs for the couple allowing them to take special dietry requests and ask specific questions in the form. After collating the data the site allows the couple to download their data into EXCEL and use it as they wish.

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Tracy, Bride-to-be
Thank you very much. The website is perfect and has everything we’ll need. Oh – and it looks great too. Thanks again!